Monday, August 01, 2005

Popsensible & Pootergeek - a 'Not Trusting a Hippy' masterclass

When you call your blog NTaH, you shouldn't wait for someone else to write this. An attack on John Harris and prog rock in one posting is hard to beat.

Popsensible - the blog that says all of the right things, but has a layout and design that makes most of it almost completely unreadable. I like The Ramones as much as anyone, but this is ridiculous....

Meanwhile, over at Pootergeek, another good combination. A perceptive post on our sinister class system combined with an attack on the vile singer-songwriter James Blunt.

Pootergeek falls short of demanding that a workers militia should be sent round to Blunt's house (via Jamie Cullum's) so that he can be dragged out and kicked to death.

Such moderation marks PG out for great things.

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