Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Peace that Passeth All Understanding

You take all of that eastern mysticism and stick it up your arse as far as I'm concerned. To find The Peace That Passeth All Understanding, all you need to do is...

a) Go to an airport
b) Fly to Knock in County Mayo (Eire)
c) Get a lift straight to Belmullet (about 90 mins with your toe down)
d) Order a tall drink from McDonnells bar and open your copy of the Irish Times. (camera phone quality interior pic - see right)

You will need a lift home but there's a decent new hotel nearby.

I just got from a long weekend doing exactly this. It wasn't quite as blissful as normal because there were a few local festivals in swing and my first visit to the shrine found it full of a lively wedding party. But a bit of activity has it's consolations. Perhaps too many of them.

Just down the coast, in a pub in Geesala, an old friend of mine didn't seem too upset when he told me that he wasn't working. "When an army is marching, it isn't fighting" he explained.

I know all of this Oirishery can be a bit of a cliche, but the pace of life and the attitude to stress is quite different to anything in London - and different in a way that I never find in the English countryside.

At the races on Doolough beach on Sunday (note - I still have one of the betting slips - in fact, none were redeemed) the organisers spent the whole day moaning on the loudspeakers to the owners and jockeys who couldn't get round to actually getting the horses into the parade ring or onto the course any time near the start time for the races (which were themselves delayed by the tide).

But no-one else minded.


Anonymous said...

I was looking for this phrase 'the Peace that passes all understanding' for some deep and meaningful sign and got your pint of Guiness. Thanks for making me back to the eastern mysticism!! :)

Anonymous said...

PS the last comment was posted BY a hippy!!