Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sweet moderation, heart of this nation....

... desert us not...

Updated: 11.30pm

I understand what Paul , Norm and Harry /Searchlight are saying about how Londoners should respond to today's bombings. I know it's almost unbearable to any of us who thinks of ourselves as left-wing to find objective allies of fascism in our midst.

But in an odd way, us Londoners (I've been here long enough to say that now...) will just pick up and get on with things. We need to show unity and resolve, not phlegmatic displays of righteousness.

If anyone organises a 'march against terrorism', it had better be one that seeks to draw a line under divisions rather than to highlight them. If anyone's going to march, be careful about what you put on your banner. We've had official confirmation this week that London's diversity is one of it's greatest assets.

I don't fancy watching London polarise in the way the Netherlands has recently. It is a time for cultural ingenuity. It's a time to value leadership. We may even get some from Ken as well!

Sometimes, when your point is made for you by events, it is sensible to welcome converts - not insist on a retraction.

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Harry said...

That's a good point. I don't think any demonstration is going to happen and I'm not at all sure that is a bad thing.