Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting 'it'

James is a nicer man than I am. This is why he hasn't taken his argument one step further: Joining the nebulous left is likely to get you laid a bit more. (via pootergeek). Being anti-this-and-that provides you with a ready-made personality that scores and scores. Really, read it. It's very good.

I'm told that the British Communist Party in the 1970s provided men with beards and beerguts the chance to leap on some perfectly presentable young women who would have been out of their league normally.

Also, being a smoker in Ireland is a good way of getting your bike parked. Apparently a social revolution has taken place since the ban. Smokers have to keep nipping outside thoughout the evening. So, as they get steadily drunk, they are thrown into a new social situation with a handful of other addicts who join them on the doorstep.

They break the habit of a lifetime and start talking to strangers. People that they have something in common with anyway. People who don't mind the taste of ashtray. And - as night follows day - they couple.

Dwell on that image for a moment. Then snap out of it. Realise this:

It's a kind of unnatural selection.

'Stoppers' (see Harry's comment boxes for examples) and smokers are procreating. As sure as latex splits, we're in for a very self-righteous new generation in about 15-20 years time.

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Fancyclown said...

The "new social situation arguement" is one that makes a ban an even better idea. Maybe i could meet my future wife outside some slummy pub, i doubt she'd be interested in stoppers and all of that lark though, I'd have to rely on my knowledge of Heat magazine.