Tuesday, July 12, 2005


On the Radio yesterday morning.
"Freakonomics claims that legalised abortion killed off many future criminals, using data to show that 20 years after Roe vs Wade there was a dip in the crime rates."


rockmother said...

Based on what data? That all sounds a bit far fetched to me. Are they insinuating that people are born to be criminals? There must have been so many variables in that research that would have got in the way of what they were trying to prove. Ooh I fear a nature/nurture debate coming on!

Paulie said...

On the programme, (you can listen to the 11th July edition of Radio 4's 'Start the Week' online - click on the link), one of the talking heads was saying that children who are not planned and not wanted are more likely to turn into criminals in later life.

I don't know how tightly they looked at the figures, but I suspect that combining detailed figures outlining the time and location of abortions against the exact ages of offenders could provide a conclusion that would stand up in some way.

Whatever; it does get you thinking. Like the debate about parents being able to chose the sex of their children, the whiff of eugenics often curtails any useful discussion: Admit - this is not a debate that you would be comfortable about getting into in public? (Well, I wouldn't anyway...)