Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thought that I would forget you?

Had a moment of peace before I left the house this morning. So I could put a record on and drift for a minute. The back room (with my record player) has been full of clutter for ages and I've not been able to get at my records - but all of that has changed following a tidy-up.

Most of the stuff I've bought for the past ten years has been on CD. Before about 1990, everything was vinyl. And in the late '80s and early '90s, I didn't have a working deck and lived in transit a bit. So I bought a lot of cassettes.

Now I've got my records back, I'm doing a lot of pre-1990 nostalgia.

Today's choice was The Gift by The Jam. It's a mixed bag, but I was always surprised that other Jam fans didn't light upon Happy Together - a great song that sums the band up in a lot of ways.

Many years ago, I was picking at a guitar and started busking Happy Together. A few people who overheard were very nice about it (this is not normal). The thing that they liked was the soaraway vocal variation on the lines...

"Thought that I was the devil?
But I'm an angel waiting for my wings"

It also uses male backing vocals in a way that only new wave bands did - countermelodies yelled in the background. This was a good thing and someone should revive it.

The other un-celebrated standout on this album (for me) is Ghosts. In some ways, it's got 'album filler' written all over it. But - in the same way as Happy Together has - it's got a bit of soaring vocal variation...

"How do you feel at the end of the day
Just like you walked over your own grave"
Reading the lyric sheet on the inner-sleeve, it reminds me of how the snootier competitive kids in my school used to say that PW was 'a pseudo-intellectual'.

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Ivan said...

Ditto, I finally got my vinyl down from the attic a few months ago. Then I had to confront the lack of vinyl. I bought a Garrard deck from ebay from £10. Then I had to buy a stylus for £20. Now I'm introducing my kids to the unique loveliness of my record collection. Some of it is just mindblowing and will never be seen on CD. But of course I am remembering just how much of it is crap that I never played then and I will never play now. Do have some gems though, picked up in jumble sales and junk shops over the years. And I worked in two record shops for a few years around the beginning of the eighties, one second hand and one new, and acquired a load of stuff (and an education, and a dope habit) in that time. Anyway, my kids think vinyl albums are great and so do I.