Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pots and Kettles

This was used as the cover-illustration in yesterday's Guardian G2 section to illustrate a story about ex-MPs. John Cryer (ex Hornchurch Labour MP) is one of those featured in the article.

I've met John a few times. His politics are quite different to mine (he falls into the 'bit of a tanky' category in my books). But I know that he found any of the junkettering aspects of being an MP embarrasing and I doubt if he ever claimed a penny of expenses that didn't relate genuine out-of-pocket costs. He is one of the most direct people I've ever met. He doesn't have an evasive bone in his body as far as I can tell and I've never heard anyone question his sincerity or independence.

But then - when you think about it - a love of expense accounts and junkets, insincerity, backstabbing, slavery to intellectual fashions and a willingness to prostitute your opinions... sounds like the job description of a journalist to me.
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