Monday, June 20, 2005

Loneliness is a warm keyboard

Q: Does having a weblog make being a revisionist less lonely?

Good post on SIAW on what being 'left wing' means. Since I started blogging, I've noticed that lots of my interlocutors - and the political bloggers I like the most (Norm, Gauche, Harry and SIAW) aren't your common-or-garden lefties.

I'm feeling a bit typecast by the term lefty these days anyway. I've met a few old aquaintances lately. From what they've said to me, I should be...

  • Active in the Stop the War coalition ("I first met you on that big CND march didn't I?")
  • Anti-EU ("I thought you said that it's a capitalist club?")
  • Generally supportive of Irish nationalism ("I remember you taught me the words to 'The Men Behind the Wire' ")
  • Voting Lib-Dem - 'without illusions' ("I figured you'd have left Labour because of Iraq and Kosovo")
  • A crusader (!) against Islamophobia
  • Distainful of mainstream politics ("you always said 'it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always get in...")
  • Not have a mortgage (q: "didn't you used to have a CRASS album?" a: NEVER)
... and so on.

Perhaps I can keep my radical credentials after this sunny weekend by suggesting tentatively that the Global Warming may actually be happening?

Does anyone keep an index of Global Warming Denial such as this?

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