Thursday, May 26, 2005


Ivan has more pylons on his site - and a link to even more of them.

Ivan is - in his own way - a bit of a work of art. I say this because he is (to my knowledge) the only person to have taken an RSS feed of my blog so far. He's really into feeds. Posted by Hello


Ivan said...

And I comment!
Your blog is worth subscribing too, except when you go all gooey over politicians.
I am a feed addict and am about to roll out a Feed web application that will change the world.
I love feeds. I love all the intelligence and the sassiness and the stupidity and the knowledge. I like to create my own magazine out of the feeds that I like. That's what my startup is about - using feeds to build your own publication and sharing it with others.

rockmother said...

Ivan the feeder!

Paulie said...

Pylons are another BAD THING to add to your list.