Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More on non-voting

Norman Geras puts non-voting nicely in perspective. It turns out that they all really meant to vote Labour after all. Excellent!

It has occurred to the chattering classes that PR would be a good idea again. Funny that. Charter 88 was launched shortly after the third Tory election victory when the forces of darkness looked unassailable. Perhaps we will get a new non-aligned movement for constitutional reform. Or perhaps not. In 1988, the majority of voters really wanted to get rid of the Tories. In contrast, I’m not even sure that the Tories wanted to win this time.

But why has no-one picked up that PR in this parliamentary session is quite achievable? Make the Upper House (formerly known as the Lords) 100% elected in a proportional manner, as Billy Bragg has proposed, and reduce the powers of the Commons to acknowledge the increased legitimacy of ‘the other place’. Labour are committed to a free-vote after all.

Time to start lobbying your MP perhaps?

PS: Farewell Tory Trouble! Thanks for everything.

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