Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Local metrics?

Just come across BowBlog - what a fantastic blog - he's right about everything! He's, he reads NTK, he's pro-Labour and clearly knows what agit-pop is. In a recent posting, he asks if there is a metric by which businesses that contribute to the local business ecology can be judged. There should be.

Dear reader, you are privileged to be on the weblog of he who manages his local Arts Council website (comments please - on the actual site, not the conceit herein). Over the coming months, I want to use my blog to build up a 'how to' guide to building a local arts website, because I reckon that this is another important 'metric'. An area with a good local arts scene is probably a good place to live.

I remember seeing reports that proved this from an economist's perspective. If I come across them again, I'll refer to them here in due course.

Other important metrics (IMHO):
  • A good Credit Union
  • A Labour MP (ideally an awkward one), and a Labour Council (or failing that, no Tories in either office)
  • A few fields nearby to walk in
  • A good non-multiplex cinema
  • Lots of local shops and no dominant superstore
  • A half-decent local football team
  • An active local Labour Party
  • Good local schools but no outstanding ones that fill up with snobs and leech all of the local resources
  • Few big roads that divide the place up
  • A few non-chain pubs with personable landlords - and some decent restaurants as well
  • A diverse ethnic mix
  • Not a hippy to be found anywhere
  • A total absence of Posh People (because they are all bastards)
  • A local by-law that allows practitioners of most alternative therapies to be pelted with rubbish

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