Thursday, April 28, 2005

Chelsea v Liverpool: The away goal cometh.

Ah! Great European Fixtures! The Away Goal? Isn't it? Not half!

My money is still on Chelsea this time even though Liverpool held them at Stamford Bridge last night. Chelsea don't concede goals easily and - in an odd way - I think that they prefer the away leg of European fixtures. Their manager's reputation is built on winning away legs.

It all takes me back to that glorious night in 1980. Forest v Cologne at the City Ground. Standing on the terraces of the old East Stand watching a 3-3 thriller. It was never as packed as it was that night - it's one of the few times that my feet didn't touch the ground in the crush at the City Ground (the East Stand was a relatively narrow bit of terracing).

It meant that we needed to win in Germany, which we did.

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