Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Agit Pop

Having a good collection of MP3s in an iTunes library can turn us all into compilers. One possibility is an 'Agit Pop' CD. Something that straddles the fantastic pop of the late '70s and early '80s, and the spikier post-punk stuff.

So far, it's got these tracks:

At home he's a tourist - Gang of Four
Ghost town - The Specials
We are all prostitutes - The Pop Group
London calling - The Clash
Stand down Margaret - The Beat
Religion - PiL
The lunatics have taken over the asylum - Fun Boy Three

It could have any one of half-a-dozen tracks by The Jam and there are plenty of additions that could be made from The Clash or The Specials discography. It could - controversialy - include something by Sham?


rockmother said...

What about New Town by The Slits?

Paulie said...

The Slits! I must admit, they are a real gap in my collection. I've got 'Typical Girls' (it's on most of those cheapo CD punk compilations) and a few other tracks on Rough Trade comps - and I really like them.

I call around a few friends to see if anyone has got any Slits CDs. But I already think I'm going to add it to my compilation.